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Hi and thank you for speaking up! Our testimonials project aims to raise awareness of sexism, homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexual harassment and any other form of discrimination, wrongdoing or violence by collecting and sharing anonymous stories, both to help those affected and to educate ETH students and staff about this inappropriate behaviour. If you agree, we will share your testimony on our instagram @speakupETH. You are free to tell us your story in English, German, French or Italian.

  • You decide on how your testimony should be used, if you don’t want it to be published, it won’t be. We are here to give you a voice, but also to listen. None of this is binding so do not hesitate to start the conversation with us. 
  • We will translate your testimonial to English/German in order to publish a bilingual version.
  • We cannot guarantee that your testimonial will be published.

How we work:

  • We are very aware that it is not possible for us to verify each testimonial, and that is also not what we aim to do. Instead, we hope that the stories that come up create an environment where issues are talked about and positive change is sparked.
  • We make sure that all testimonials are censored correctly, to not include any individual, organizational body or identifying details. This way, the focus is on your experience instead of culpable individuals.
  • If contact details are given, we might reach out to the person if any big changes are made that exceed spelling and grammar adjustments. 
  • We will support you, if you want to report your experience without the censored facts. As soon as you send us a testimonial with your contact details, we reach out to see in which way we can be of support. 

Submit a Testimonial

    Please tell us your story. How are you doing at ETH? Are there any experiences you would like to share with us? Share your testimonial here.

    Do you want to give your email, name or contact information so that we can keep you informed of the progress and can contact you again? You can also remain anonymous. Depending on the testimonial we might need to clear some aspects with you, before we can publish your testimonial.

    (This will not be published but is a valuable piece of information to make an improvement.)

    If you ever want us to delete your testimonial from our socials (in case you said yes in the question before) you can set a code for your testimonial. You can then contact us anonymously along with your personal code in order to get your testimonial deleted.

    We won’t delete any testimonials without the corresponding code.


    Note that if your testimony contains a serious crime and is published or sent to ETH, a prosecutor may file a complaint. Serious crimes (e.g. rape) are prosecuted ex-officio. You can remain anonymous, this simply means that a complaint will be filed by X against Y. In cases that are prosecuted ex-officio, we need to know if you agree to ETH being informed and taking the necessary steps. If you do not wish ETH to be informed of this case, we will keep it to ourselves and not publish it.