Does my testimonial have to be published?

No, you can state in the testimonial submission form whether or not you want your testimonial to be published. If you leave contact details in the testimonial submission form, the team will inform you of possible places to seek support.

Why is there an option to share my contact information in the testimonial sheet?

This opportunity exists, so that the SpeakUpETH-team can keep you informed of the progress of your testimony and perhaps get back to you with any questions. If you wish, we can also provide contact points that you can reach out to for help. If you prefer to remain anonymous, you can also state an anonymous email address or other means of contact.

Who can read my testimonial?

After you submit your testimonial, the SpeakUpETH-Team has access to it and will process it further depending on your stated wish. The team consists of ETH students anonymous to the public that have signed an internal agreement to handle your testimonial with absolute anonymity. If you have agreed to publish your testimonial and it complies with the SpeakUpETH guidelines, a potentially edited version is published online, accessible to everyone. 

What happens if I have a name in my testimonial?

If a name of an individual, committee or a grouping of any kind is mentioned in the testimonial, according to the disclaimer in the testimonial submission form, this information might have to be removed from the testimonial. The aim of SpeakUpETH is not to shame someone, but to raise awareness. If you leave your contact details, the team will get in contact with you to inform you of your rights and options.

How do you verify the information you publish?

If contact details are given, the submitter of a testimonial is approached if there are questions regarding the content. Generally, SpeakUpETH is acting in the ETH context, meaning that the sharing of testimonials is targeted at ETH members. If from the content of a testimonial a non-ETH-context becomes apparent to the team, the testimonial is not published. 

How long does it take for a testimonial to be posted?

This depends very much on your personal wishes, the content of the testimonial and the publishing plan of the SpeakUpETH-team. If you state a specific time after which your testimonial should be published, this will be respected.

Can I take a testimonial back after sharing it?

Yes, but only if you contact the SpeakUpETH-team directly (speakupeth@vseth.ethz.ch) with the personal code you have left when submitting your testimonial.