Upcoming Events

Sexual Harrassment Awareness Month

April 2024

As April marks Sexual Harassment Awareness Month, we will be launching a series of posts and interactive content on our Instagram platform. Leading up to Sexual Harassment Awareness Day on April 25th, we will be sharing important information, statistics, and engaging polls to spark conversations and deepen understanding about sexual harassment.


10. Apr -10. May 2024

In the spring semester of 2019, the VSETH organized and launched a survey called “wiegETHs” (HowsETHgoing) for the first time to gain a better understanding of students’ well-being at ETH. The students’ responses provided important insights and helped VSETH advocate for their concerns. In fact, SpeakUp ETH was also founded as a result of wiegETHs. To this day, our aim remains to raise awareness of discrimination and misconduct at ETH by sharing anonymous testimonies and to ensure that individuals affected by these issues have someone to talk to and seek support.

This year, the VSETH has teamed up with the AVETH to open the new edition of “wiegETHs” to academic staff at ETH as well. All ETH students and academic staff have received a personalized link via email to fill out the survey. We ask you to participate in wiegETHs 2024 and help us make ETH a better place for all of us! 

Past events

Campaign Week

27. Nov – 03. Dec 2023

The last week of November is our SpeakUp awareness week. You can expect to see a lot of us around campus. The aim of our campaign is to create awareness about our project and show that we are still here to help and ready to receive your testimonials. We look forward to seeing and hearing you speak up.

Why should I care?

29. Nov 2023

On 29.11 from 18:15 – 19:45 in the CHN Atrium (Grüner Boden) we will host the event “Why should I care?” in a relaxed atmosphere with mulled wine. We will present some facts and figures, introduce our project and have a quiz about the level of discrimination at ETH. Everyone is welcome – whether you know a lot about our project or nothing at all.

Sexual Harassment Awareness

23. Mar 2022

The 23rd of March is Sexual Harassment Awareness Day. In collaboration with Phi:male, SpeakUpETH took a stand against sexual harassment by displaying a pin-board in the main hall of HG to raise awareness about sexual harassment. We posted some facts and figures and we welcomed everyone who wanted to contribute by adding their own story in an anonymous way.

The board was there the whole day, together with a box where people could add their own stories. Every half hour, someone from our team checked on the board and hung up the new testimonials, so that everyone had the ability to remain anonymous.